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Kristian Sidor Hasenberg

My adventure as a hairdresser goes all the way back to 2009
, when I left Copenhagen to start as an apprentice at New Hair in Odense, DK. Following 4 amazing and tough years, I finally got my diploma in 2013.

The original plan was to move back to Copenhagen, but I still had a bit of adventure left in me, so I put this on hold for a while and chose to go to Stavanger in Norway instead, where I was offered a job at Amdal Frisør.

At first, the plan was to stay just for a year or so, but as you know, plans tend to change, and I ended up staying there for 3 wonderful years.

In the summer of 2016, the time had come to make a change yet again. Therefore, I moved back to Copenhagen where I was offered a position at Hox located at Østerbro. I worked there for roughly 4 years before I chose to jump in at the deep end; I quit my job and opened my own business where I started off by renting a chair at Emmel at Østerbro for 2 years.

Now the time has come for renewal once again, which is my I have moved into Bredgade where I plan on staying for the long haul.

When I am not at the hairdressing salon, I spend a great part of my time amongst friends and family. Claiming my family and friends share all my interests, though, would be a tremendous exaggeration; they basically don´t give a damn when it comes to fashion. That does not stop me, however, from reading Vogue every month with the same vigor as the pope reads his bible. On the other hand, I let myself be inspired everywhere I go: at Strøget, around the small lakes of Østerbro, through fashion magazines and so on. From all these sources of inspiration, I cherry-pick what I prefer the most and ignore the rest. I adhere to the same approach when I have a customer sitting in my chair; I cannot get myself to give someone a hair color, haircut or anything else which I know would not suit them. I want you to feel and look great when you leave the salon after your appointment.

Even though I have been in the business for quite some time, I still believe there is room for development. Therefore, I continue to expand my horizon through various courses both within Denmark as well as abroad.

So far, I have partaken in Wella Balayage Specialist (2020), WellaBalayage Expert (2020), Saco 1 day seminar – cut and color (2020), Wella Essential Color Program I (2018) and II (2019), Vidal Sassoon ABC Womans cut London (2018), American Crew Method 1 (2017) and Method 2 (2018), Look and Learn Styling by Søren Hedegaard (2017), and MacKinderHair (2015). This is not to say that I am done participating in courses, quite the contrary, because I am constantly on the lookout for the next useful course.

Previously, I have participated in various competitions with good results, however, I have chosen to cut down in this regard since the completion of my apprenticeship. It takes an incredible amount of time to be a passionate competitor as a hairdresser, and because I want to provide you as a customer with a high level of service and skill, I have deemed it necessary to focus my attention on this rather than the competitions.

Nevertheless, I am a competitor deep down which is why I continuously have an inner debate whether to participate in photoshoot competitions. As a result of this, I am always on the lookout for the next hair model.

I look forward to seeing you at the hairdressing salon.

Hair By Sidor

Hair By Sidor

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